Hola Back Gal

“I tell you, it’s time to write that book and sell millions! Stop telling the world for free and make them bloody well pay for your laughs!!” Mama Lisa

What to do, what to do? In the midst of the ‘settling into the new house’ stage, I find myself in serious need of some mojo… please send in Austin Powers. I can hear what you are thinking, even those of you that walk around with tin foil on your head, that I have a new house, therefore a blank canvas. And this is true. Unfortunately, to date, it has been all hard slog, broken fingernails, paint streaked hair… not much in the creative line.

Bemoaning my fate (if you stick around long enough, you will learn that I am whinger…whiner..complainer….never happy type gal), well I suppose it was more like screeching at Mr Dear Husband down the telephone line, he managed to come back with a reply that floored me…..in fact, I went so quiet that he thought I had fainted. At about the point where he was ready to call the local doc to come and see if I was still alive, I answered, “ahmmm Ok!”

Mr Dear Husband has a hard life, lots of travel, lots of meetings, lots of stress (and he is married to me). But it has been difficult to have a whole lot of compassion for him recently. You see, he has been hang’in down in Mallorca… a whole 3 weeks now. As we have just had 4 degrees and rain for the past two weeks, him sprouting off about 25 degree, warm, sunny days did not go a long way toward easing my self-evolved melodrama.

Truth be told, before he had time to change his mind, I had booked a flight on “Think yourself lucky we don’t strap you to the wings” Airline… enrolled the Outlaws in a little One-On-One time with the terrorist Miss 8….packed my bag and ran like hell to the airport. Two hours later I was ripe and ready for three whole days of bliss. Spanish wine, fresh fish, fresh air and nothing to do….

I won’t bore you with all the details, only to say, it is incredible what a change of scenery can do to reverse the condition of melancoly. And it beats spending 20 minutes lying under a sun bed.


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