Pre Xmas Training

Right.  So off we went, armed with garden shears and biscuits. 

The Church hall was full.  Not sure why, but when we are told to “be there at 4pm”… we always seem to be the last ones to arrive. 

There were a couple of ‘cheap seats’ left, and those nasty branches that nobody else wanted.  But we were a force to be reckoned with. Never underestimate the power of an Aussie when it comes to finding her place at the table.

I had managed to drag Mr Dear Husband along.  Drag, being the operative word.  Each Saturday afternoon, there is football in Germany… no man worth his salt wants to be dragged off to make Advents Kranz. 

IMG_6859 We worked like little demons and caught up with the others.  By 4:45pm the fun was over and men (those that had also been dragged along) were seen peeling off in their hurry to make it home before the 2nd half.

I liked it.  There was a nice Christmassy feel in the air.  The children were less interested, mainly because we, over achieving parents, took over the winding of the green around the ring.  All the Advents Kranzen were placed together in preparation for the big event. 


This morning they were collected and carried by each child to the church.  The priest blessed them. Now it has pride of place on our dining room table.

In the run up to the Big Event, I decided to start earning some brownie points with the Out-Laws.  As I have managed to wrangle away half of their traditional Christmas, replacing it with my own home made Australian-cum-International ideas, I thought it only right to invite them to Sunday lunch.

Roast leg of Lamb, mash potato, ratatouille, followed by baked apples…these were spiced up with some left over Crème de Marron from our summer holiday 2008.  All went well and I even managed to talk ‘others’ in to doing the dishes.


Ready for the oven….


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