Do Nothing

At breakfast this morning, Mr Dear Husband asked what my plans were for the day. 

“Oh I have a whole day of washing ahead of me…” I whined and made that pained expression that all Keepers of the Haus make when facing a mountain of dirty linen. This attracted the attention of Miss Eight. 

“What is so hard about that?  All you have to do is put the clothes in the machine and turn it on!”

Hmmmm, now it is one thing to be a stay at home blogger mother, but a whole other ball game when the recipients of your labours take you for granted.

“Ok, so how about this.  For the next month, I will do nothing, and then we can see how hard it is.  For the next month I will do no washing, hanging up washing, taking down washing, sorting washing, ironing or putting away of clean clothes.  I will leave beds unmade, dirty clothes will no longer mysteriously be collected from off the bathroom floor.  No shopping, no cooking, no cleaning toilets.  For a month, the toilet roll will not be magically replaced.  Vacuuming, dusting, dishes will sit untended.  Windows will collect fingerprints from small children until we can no longer see through.”

“No problem.” she said.  “I will just go to McDonalds for lunch.”  There is a good chance she could pull it off too.  Underneath that sweet, blonde little head of hers, lies the cunning and intelligence to create havoc in small African countries. She has a rather cynical view of life for someone so young.  It wasn’t until my next comment that I managed to get her proper attention.

“Oh, and I will not be the morning alarm clock that gently wakes the child in time for school…”

“What!!!  Nooooo, you have to wake me up, I can’t be late for school!! Sorry mum, please, please don’t stop for a month.”

Nice to know where her priorities lie. 

On top of all the things I am NOT going to do today, I have plans to NOT do a little shopping.  I have decided NOT to make my own mince pies.  Germany has the greatest collection of Christmas biscuits know to mankind, but I have a hankering for Mince Pies.  The fruit mince has about 30 ingredients, and needs to sit for a few days to ripen. Now all I need to do is NOT find that bottle of brandy.

Fruit Mince Pies


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