And that is that.

Miss Eight requires a new German passport.  It was necessary to take her with me, so that she could be finger printed.


On the way…

“Why do they need to finger print me?”

“Well, they need to fingerprint everybody because… hmm let me think about that… in fact, I can’t really answer that…let me get back to you.”


It would seem that yet again, my ‘oh so clever’ daughter has come up with a question I can’t answer.

“So where exactly are we going?”

“We are going to the Rathaus (Town Hall).” Ha!  finally I manage to get it right.

“I know what they do at the Rathaus.”  She seems to be chewing on the inside of her cheek.

“Oh, you do?”  I can feel it coming…

“Yes, when you are born, they SIGN YOU ON at the Rathaus, and when you die, they SIGN YOU OFF.”

Ok, that wasn’t quite what I was expecting. 

“Um, how do you know that?” Actually, I was scared to ask…

“Well mother, what DO you think I learn in school!”

Bamboozled yet again. 


9 responses to “And that is that.

  1. …and in between they would like to keep in contact with you also!Kids these days. I don't know! Not at all like their parents?;-)

  2. She's a smarty pants! lolJust stopped by from SITS; hope you find time to do the same.

  3. You're going to have trouble with that girl when she's a teenager LOL. Oh and I have no problem with the no seasons thing…I can travel if I need to see snow!

  4. Children's take on things are sometimes simply brilliant. Makes me laugh!

  5. There are some German words that I adore. Rathaus is one of them, along with the crankenhaus. I'd be pretty cranky if my crank didn't turn properly goo….Megman, word of the day….almost too easy to be fun…..the cousin of mugman, the superhero dedicated to assisting all forlorn and broken cupped Oktoberfest participants.

  6. In our town, (Düsseldorf) at 11 past 11am, on the 11th day of the 11th month,(every year), the locals get to storm the Rathaus and symbolically chuck out the mayor, heralding the start of the Karneval season.There is much in German culture I fear I will never understand…

  7. As my kids (whose ages bookend Miss 8) would say, or rather, spell: D.U.H.! (with an eyeroll)

  8. LOL! Ya gotta love kids!

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