Fried Rice and Sauerkraut

“Reminds me of my safari in Africa. Somebody forgot the corkscrew and for several days we had to live on nothing but food and water.” W.C. Fields

To date, I have been sorely disappointed by Asian food in Germany.  Sorry guys, but YOU just don’t get it.

My first experience was the local Chinese restaurant in Karlsruhe.  A favourite of my Sister in Law and her family.  I was excited.  I missed Asian food.

We are spoiled for choice in multicultural Australia.  Want a quick bite to eat?  No problem!  Pop into any number of small Chinese/Asian takeaways, and a steaming bowl of delicious, fresh, Asian green vegetables and health restoring soup is yours.  Rushing home from work, grab a succulent roast duck, chopped up and ready to serve.  Like I said…spoilt.

Asian Noodle Soup

As we all opened our menus, I felt a tingle of excitement.  It looked good on paper.  A large group at a Chinese restaurant in Australia is a treat.  It means you can order lots and lots of different dishes, all placed in the middle, all shared.  I couldn’t quite get a handle on what the others were ordering, so when it came to my turn, I requested the Chef Recommends – Five Spice Crispy Duck.

We waited… and I watched in horror as no less than 12 portions of Five Spice Crispy Duck were placed on the table.  I looked across the table at Mr Dear Husband.  He looked back at me.  He raised his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders.  I waited for the other ten people to notice the huge mistake.  No reaction.

They just each reached across to ‘their’ portion, pulled it a little closer to their bowl and dug in.

There is no sharing.  And all the dishes have a distinctly German flair. The only vaguely Asian green that I saw was a lone bean sprout.

The meal was completed with Deep Fried Ice-Cream. 

Can you say 1974, people?


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