Oh, when I was in Paris…

I just love dropping that into every conversation. 

Pop into to the bakery, order my loaf of bread and as she is wrapping it, I ever so casually say:

“Oh, when I was in Paris last week, I saw the most wonderful bakery…”  I can tell she is dazzled by my worldliness, and am not at all concerned when she simply says “that will be two euro.”


As I stroll past a building site, I pause to watch the men constructing the scaffolding:

“Oh, when I was in Paris last week, I noticed that the Eiffel tower has some scaffolding around the base – now wouldn’t you like that job!”  They nodded at me and looked a little confused.


My mother in law calls to discuss the plans for Easter Sunday lunch:

“Oh, when I was in Paris last week, I ate a simply delicious meal of duck breast & pommes de terre frites…”  *crickets chirping…..crickets chirping*  and then she muttered something about leg of lamb.


Collecting the dry cleaning:

“Oh, when I was in Paris last week, I should have nipped into Chanel and asked them where they get their dry cleaning done – I am sure that French Dry Cleaners must be très Chic.”  Pretty sure she thought I had been sniffing the cleaning fluid…


In this one horse town, there is a new Bus Depot being built.  It is the talk of the town.  Much discussed over the garden fence and during chance encounters on the street:

“Oh, when I was in Paris last week, I used the Metro like a born parisian.  So organised, so fast, and so stylish.”  This is met with a blank stare….I have a lot to learn about  the German – French relationship.


Did I mention I was in Paris last week?


24 responses to “Oh, when I was in Paris…

  1. Ah, so were you in Paris last week? 😉

    • Yes, I really was in Paris… last week – that was the week before the last weekend – in Paris.. me! LOL

  2. Bahaaaa! That will sooooo be me in a few months! Can’t wait! Love the pix! Did you try REAL champagne and not that cheap, nasty sparkling wine stuff????!!!!

  3. I sit at your feet and am awed by your fancy worldliness (mondanités)!

    • Did you just diss me in French? I’ll have you know… when I was in Paris last week… I suspect several Parisians said rude things to me – to which I just nodded and smiled – seeing as I don’t speak a word of French!

  4. Ooh-la-la! I have a wonderful French movie for you (with English subtitles) called ‘Coco avant Chanel’ (coco before chanel). It’s about Coco Chanel’s life before becoming the world-famous designer. I miss you, Paris. *mwah*

  5. I can only say “When I was in Cairo last week …”
    … and I’m really happy with it 😉

    PS. They’ve just opened 3 mosques complex at Muizz Street (close to Khan al Khalili) after 13 years of renovation. When I was there yesterday … I could only say “Wow. I don’t need to go to Paris” 😉

    Keep smiling!

    • Yes – Cairo is a lot like Paris….NOT! lol Sometimes I miss the chaos, and the noise and the crazy driving. But then I step outside and breath fresh air and hear church bells, and I come to my senses. You have been in Cairo for ages now – Do you remember how many questions you had before you arrived?

  6. glad the link’s working at last, I’ve missed you! Lovely new sparkly blog page too.

    • Yes – I am almost embarressed by how much I missed the comments – but as Monsoon Froggy said ‘if you play with blogger – it will bite you – and it did. Have to admit that I really like it over here in wordpress land. All smooth sailing so far – except I can’t add my Google Friends connect.

  7. Oh la la! Great pics, (and funny!). Thanks for pointing my mind towards France since we are going to our place in Normandy at Easter. But it is nowhere as chiiic as Paris, darling. There are quite a few attractive females, but of the bovine kind. 😉

    • He he he… bovine. I can quite picture it. Your little place in France sounds glorious – I am quite envious.

  8. Oooh la la! So glad you made it to Paris, and back to tell us about it! What did miss eight think of it all?

    • Miss Eight stayed with the outlaws – I was all alone. She asked me to bring her back the Eiffel Tower…the big one. I had to explain that it wouldn’t fit in my handbag.

  9. There’s no way to win on this one. The Germans don’t get the whole “I was in PARIS” mystique and, I’m sad to say, neither do ACTUAL FRENCH PEOPLE. Whenever I return to my tiny village after a sejour in the City of Lights and try to spread the joy (and lord it over the untravelled), all I get is shrugged shoulders and the occassional “Bof” (which is SO unsatisfactory!)

    • How sad for them all (the Germans and the French alike) – I love love love Paris. I have been to France several times, but never Paris – From the moment I popped my head out of the Metro at Vavin.. I was smitten.. not like me really – Paris was always like THAT BOOK.. the one that everyone says you should read – that just makes me more determined NOT to read it. But Paris and I are now lovers..

  10. Morning! Glad you had a lovely time in Paris. When I was in Paris as a student (now isn’t that glamourous!?) we found a purse in the street and whooped with joy at the thought of a nice dinner (very few morals in those days – hunger won out), and then got chased along the street by the angry french purse owner – not at all grateful that we’d found it…

    Glad you’ve found a new home too. It’s very pretty!

    • How naughty of you! I would never think to do such a thing 😉 Student in Paris.. yes that sounds pretty fab. And very romantic. But soon you will be an exhausted mother of 2 in Berlin… now that will be an adventure!

  11. Well, I’m certainly impressed and envious of your being able to drop that line in conversation!

    Hey, nice new blog… 😉

  12. sounds like you had a fabulous time! was the weather nice? it looks a little grey 😦

    i have been to paris 3 times and EVERY TIME, something went wrong and i had a horrible time. i refuse to go back. maybe when i’m 80.

    • It was the first warm day since last year – I walked through Paris with no coat (although I felt a little strange) – It was sparkling blue sky on the Friday. Sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy it. I have had that reaction to ‘another’ certain place – where I never want to go again.

  13. Oh gosh, absolutely fantastic, I am jealous – I really want to go back there!
    And I only got taken for a drive to the sewerage treatment plant 100 k away; but I did see a crocodile, oh, and lots of other things I won’t tell you about!

  14. It sounds like you had a lovely time in Paris. I have always wanted to go to France… my maiden name is very French, and for some reason, despite growing up with people speaking French at me all the time (Florida is NOT France people…) I am actually interested in one day visiting this place my ancestors were (most likely) driven out of over four centuries ago. However, I’ve been to Charles De Gualle airport… too often. We now book our R&R flights by begging the agents to route us through any airport other than Paris! Yes, and by that, I even mean Heathrow… really… One day we’ll get to France… maybe by ferry, or perhaps via the Chunnel.

    btw… I am sure the folks you’ve been talking too are not dismissive of your adventure.. they are simply stunned by the fabulous-ness of it all. 🙂

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