German houses I could live in.

The weather is getting warmer, so I took myself and Miss Eight out for a breath of fresh air.  Miss Eight insisted on taking her new favourite item, her scooter, with her.  I did try to tell her that I was planning to hike up to the top of the hill behind the park…not a problem – she shouldered her load and carried that damn thing all the way to the top.  Nothing if not determined, that child. Of course – she far out thinks me, and the reward of being able to roll down the hill on the way home was her prize.

There are a few houses in this one horse town that I like… come with me, I will show you. I walk and daydream about what life would be like if I lived here….

This one was on my radar for many years.  It sits on a corner, across from a park.  The original house was extended to include this wonderful extra space when it was inhabited by a family of Architects.  They have since moved on, and now, this lovely villa is a funeral home!  I always like the idea of having that extra space:


This one sits back from a quiet avenue.  I find it calming and for some reason think of Anne of Green Gables when ever I pass:


When we were looking for a home here, there was an apartment available in this building.  Unfortunately, it was too small.  Can’t you just picture wonderfully glam people sipping cocktails in these art deco rooms.  It must have been a magnificent home before the conversion:


This place has always attracted my attention because it sticks out like a sore thumb.  This style of home is not seen around here except in a rural setting.  There is the odd one about, but this one is in excellent condition and would be a perfect setting for Hansel & Gretel, don’t you think?


My number one place of residence was always going to be here.  This monastery was converted into apartments a few years ago.  The penthouses have stunning views and are much in demand.  Unfortunately, people don’t seem to move very often in these parts.   A clever family purchased the stables last year (you can see them in the front of the picture) and are converting them.  I imagine it will be stunning when finished.


So if you didn’t live in your house… where would YOU live?  Show me!  Take a walk, take some pictures.  Feel free to link back to me should you feel the urge.


11 responses to “German houses I could live in.

  1. I didn’t see the obligatory tree house and trampoline in EVERY backyard. Or is that just my village?

    • Seems you live in German Crazy town.. not too many trampolines or treehouses here that I have seen. Mind you, maybe they are hiding them until the summer! LOL

  2. love the varied architecture in your city! I have tonnes of homes I aspire to here in Charleston.. so many great Southern treasures, especially downtown… stopping by from SITS

  3. I’m forever finding/seeing houses I would love to move to BUT I can’t move yet! (Legal crap.) How frustrating!!
    So, no pictures…but I do love yours!

    • Even if you can’t move – there is no harm in dreaming. Sometimes, I swear, all I have to do is put it out there and it comes.

  4. My favorite is the first, however funeral home, and then…extra space…. you have to clean (the fox and the grapes 😉

    • Sure… I hate cleaning too… but I sort of imagine that it would be my studio/office…. something like that.

  5. My parents live in a house that looks like the last one. Theirs is about 200 years old and used to be a barn. It’s got the 4+ floors like that one and same exterior. I’ll have to go take some pictures of homes!

  6. ok, so i subscribed to your blog when you first changed, but never got any updates! finally realized it and i’m trying again now- sorry for being AWOL!

    those houses are gorgeous! the yellow one is my fave- so pretty and spring-y!

  7. Well, I’ve got my eye on a couple of the local castles. Anything built after 1600 holds no charm for me…

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