Happy Easter…

I am in a cleaning frenzy — Mr Dear Husband will return tomorrow, and it is interesting to note how slovenly I have become in his absence.  The house has been dusted from top to toe – the fridge stocked, the wine cellar replenished (the empties disposed of)… now time to play.  A little Easter decorating. 


Took myself off to the local garden centre, where I almost got into a scuffle with a red-faced, pig of a man who stole the car spot I had been patiently waiting for.  As I watched in disbelief at his impertinence, all I could think of was the scene with Katy Bates in Fried Green Tomatoes…. but I decided to show my Buddhist nature and leave it to karma….because it is all in the Karma, baby….and those two flat tyres he had when he returned are nothing to do with me.



Anywho… have a lovely Easter – be good to your loved ones, don’t eat too many chocolate eggs…can you believe it is Easter already, didn’t we just have Christmas a minute ago!


IMG_7623 IMG_7629

We like to cover all bases in this house – all chickens and rabbits are welcome.



13 responses to “Happy Easter…

  1. How wonderful it must be to find that Easter-y stuff there! And you are definitely getting the better end of the deal when it comes to Easter candy. Chocolate here tastes like plastic. blech. Enjoy those Kinder eggs!

    • Yes – lots of lovely Easter Decorations here – This year I have had to pick and choose – some of them had to stay in the box. Haven’t had any chocolate yet – but it is always good.

  2. Happy Easter! You always have such lovely decorating ideas!

  3. Happy Happy Easter -Frohe Frohe Ostern! I am filled with the joy of the holiday or else I would mention that you could call the police and report his license plate number as a possible drunk driver in the U.S.

    So I hear.

    Not that I know.

    • Life is too short to retaliate – what would be the point. But you have given me some ideas for next time 😉

  4. Oh, you’re so festive! Hope you and yours have the happiest of Easters!!


    We miss you.

    R,K n ASH.
    P.S. Thanks for the post card Miss 8.

    • We miss you too… would have been great if you could have made it for Easter… we will have to catch up soon.

  6. A VERY late Easter wish from Himself and myself … tried to leave a comment yesterday and thought that you had killed the “comments” again … I think I said aaarrghhh!!!!
    But I think it may have just been that my computer ate too many Easter eggs.
    Love the chickens!

  7. Hi Lulu,
    Just saw you on the webum site and wanted to say hi. Any chance you’re interested in the mini-meetup in our area? I’m in Cologne and was actually just near you yesterday (Koenigswinter, which has gorgeous houses so much nicer than Cologne’s!). Looks like a beautiful spot.

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