Life got in the way…

Hi, my name is LuLu.

It has been 17 days since my last blog post.

Hi Lulu….

It has been hard going.  I find the mornings the most difficult.  Blogging goes down so smooth with that second cup of coffee, drinking in the serenity after the storm that is ‘get the child to school on time’.

There have been other factors that have helped me on my way to recovery.  Keeping busy is good.  And of course, I found God.  God in the form of a small child wearing a white dress.  Miss Eight scrubbed up quite well for her 1st Holy Communion.  I even managed to get her to brush her hair and after a monumental struggle, convinced her that wearing a black headband with the face of Hannah Montana on it, was not going to cut it with the God Squad.


The week leading up to White Sunday was spent mostly in the dark and musty confines of the local church.  As Mr Dear Husband happened to be conveniently wrapped in worldly matters somewhere on the Turkish Riviera, the role of respectable parent was left to me….the non-catholic, spawn of the devil, wild child, daughter-in-law.  Believe me when I tell you, that this did not sit easy on the shoulders of the Mother Outlaw (who I have been known to refer to as the Pope’s Sister).

IMG_7720 Photo of Miss Eight shows:

A)  She has already removed her gorgeous white hair decorations in favour of a napkin.

B)  She is her mother’s daughter.

C)  She turned to the camera and said “Who am I?”….. “The Pope of course!!”

D)  Nine months of intensive religious education has not helped her sense of humour.

E)  That is me with my back to the camera – trying to convince the waitress that it would be better for her to just ‘leave the bottle’.

My saving grace came about through my organisational skills.  I can delegate like an air traffic controller.  We need 14 cakes for the Monday Kaffee Klatsch, I hear you say?  No problem.  A quick call to the local Granny Mafia (all of whom are over 80 and can cook cake as if their lives depend on it) – instantly we had placed orders for more cake than should be legal.  Then there were logistical problems – How DO you fit 22 people around the dining room table?  Cobbled together, with chairs begged, borrowed and stolen.  I figured they would be so dazzled by the wondrous array of cake, they wouldn’t notice.

As you can see… it has taken me a week to recover.  More than a week actually. 

Hi, my name is LuLu.

It has been 1 day since my last blog post.

Hi, Lulu….


14 responses to “Life got in the way…

  1. Your daughter is beautiful and has a great sense of humour.
    Welcome back! Glad you’re in recovery. 😉

    (Any cake left over??)

    • Yes.. she sure does have a funny sense of humour – actually won the class Joke-Off last week… we are not sure that is a good thing, but they tell me that comedians are usually quite intelligent.

      No cake poppet – as soon as everyone left I put, whatever I couldn’t shove into peoples’ handbags, into the bin and poured dishwashing liquid over it.. Sex in the City style… remove temptation.

  2. Hi LuLu! This was totally worth the wait! As usual, gorgeous photos and what a beautiful child! She looks just like me! 😀

    …One day at a time, Liebling! Always remember, Peace, Serenity and a Scrumptious Bordeaux will get you through anything.

  3. Welcome back! I LOVE that after her first Communion, the first thing she does is put a napkin on her head and pretend to be the Pope. Amazing!

    • Well it gets worse – way back in August 2009 – she happened to bump into the priest on her way home… when she related the story to her dad later that day it went something like ..”Hey, I saw the Pope today!”. Somewhere she thinks they are the same person.

  4. She’s the Pope – humor, or ambition? Welcome back! You set a lovely table, but not as lovely as Miss 8 🙂

    • Hmmm…. now you are scaring me Connie – I didn’t see it in quite that light, but wouldn’t put it past her to think she would quite like to be the Pope. She certainly thinks she is the queen of everything else!

  5. I like her style!
    When I worked for God, I once went to a Melbourne Cup do, where the Vicar General (2IC to the Bishop) wore a lovely, interestingly decorated original (made that morning) mitre throughout the whole luncheon.
    Quite disrespectful really … I loved it!

    • I am not sure I know what a Mitre is??? but a vicar at the races… now that sounds like a Benny Hill sketch!

  6. Oh to see her – she has grown so so much! LL – this is a great post – good to see you in recovery!

  7. Hi Lulu,

    glad the festa went well and miss eight still has a good sense of humour about it all.

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