Thawing out

Haven’t been much of a blogger lately – too busy hurtling around the countryside in a little black peanut… sorry…I meant Peugeot.  Doing lots and lots of site visits for a contract I picked up.  Sort of fun – except when it is raining and cold… then it is not so much fun.  Germany lends itself nicely to this type of adventure.  An excellent road system, and my new best friend Tom Tom.  We make a great team.  She forgives all my indiscretions… like when I turn down the wrong street – she calmly recalculates my route and puts me  back on the right path.  We have had a couple of close calls when negotiating carparks – or roads that do not exist in her world.

But then the sun came out….and thoughts of work were set aside.  Time to christen the new Weber we received from our wonderful Xmas visitors… much jubilation, clicking heels and squealing as we unpacked.  Time to toss a couple of snags…

Shoes were kicked off….


Are you digging the retro outdoor table and chairs?  I thought so…


Please note that there GREEN on the ground instead of WHITE… we had quite enough of that white stuff this year…


Here you can see the gleaming new BBQ… Mr Dear Husband said it was the smoke, but I swear there was a tear in his eye at the idea of dirtying up that pristine grill….


We have changed Miss Eight’s name to Monkey Girl… she seems to spend most of her time hanging upside down these days…


Aaahhh… How’s the serenity…..


17 responses to “Thawing out

  1. Hey, I was missing you!
    What a lovely place you have, and beautiful tablescape.

  2. Long time no blog! Great to see you back. Stevie had his heart set on a Weber and it broke his little heart that we couldn’t get our hands on one just when we needed it. Still, silver linings and all that…he’d be breaking it more now if he was selling it on ebay before the big move. Now set for the 4th june!!

    • Yes… Mr Dear Husband was very unhappy when he had to leave his beloved bbq behind in Australia…. but now it is all good. Actually – he did a brilliant job cooking lunch yesterday – and he spent at least an hour lovingly cleaning it this morning. Good luck with the move… hope all goes smoothly.

  3. Not so serene over here, but what the heck. Glad you folks are happy and doing well.

    • I have been looking at some of your building dramas… never an easy time! Love that you can pick paint colours so fast… I procrastinate for so long, and then usually stay with white.

  4. GORGEOUS table cloth and china! You do good work, Missy.

  5. Welcome back! That looks absolutely heavenly! It DOES look like that over here in Chicago, but I can pretty much guarantee that it is 900 degrees hotter…which is pretty miserable.

    • This was our FIRST warm day… we went from Winter 2 degrees and raining on Wednesday to 25 degrees and white arms and legs poking out on Sunday. 900 degrees sounds rather warm!

  6. Great to see you back..was getting worried. Am loving that pic of your hospitality: two retro chairs for your and Dear Husband..bugger the rest, they can stand 😉

    • Actually – smarty-pants, budgie-bum… there are FOUR chairs… but 2 of them didn’t make it into the photo… and I am sure I could rustle up a couple more if we happened to get any visitors! Might even get around to putting some fashionable fabric on them!

  7. Beautiful sunshiny warmth!!!

  8. I wish my BBQ was that shiny! 😦
    TomTom, yes I have one too. Close to our house deep in the countryside of France it insists that a tiny T-junction between some fields is a “roundabout”. I laugh every time, it never fails. Our neighbours know about “the roundabout” as well. Otherwise I like my Jane TomTom, she tells me where to go, and on the odd occasion to go somewhere I should not go! 😉

    • My Tom Tom is called Liza…. and she speaks German – Lately – I have grown to love her very much – she has saved me from 2 enormous ‘staus’ in 2 days… god bless her. Of course Mr Dear Husband finds her irritating…. LOL

  9. Wow, how lucky are you guys, what a great gift.

    Miss you guys like crazy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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