She strikes again

In celebration of a Perfect Sunday, we had lunch Al Fresco.  Warm sunshine, birds singing, tranquillity.

As I was throwing together the salad, I remembered that we now have life in the garden.  Mother Nature is a corker – all my hard work last year has started to reap rewards.  Restoring the over-grown mess back to the foundation has turned into a treasure hunt. 

In Spring, Tulips and Daffodils once hidden under 11 years of neglect found their way to the light.  Azaleas have bloomed with so much enthusiasm that the neighbours have stopped by to comment.  And my particular favourite – the herbs.  We now have Thai Mint, Oregano, wild strawberries & Lemon Melisse running amok.


And so it was that I grabbed handfuls of lovely leaves, tore them up ‘al Nigella/Jamie style’ and tossed them into the big glass bowl.

“Do you like the salad?” I asked over our lunch.

“Yes, very nice…. “ they all muttered… but Miss Eight stayed remarkably quiet.

“How about YOU, Miss Eight, do YOU like the salad?  I put in some lovely fresh mint leaves….”

It is always a concern when she chooses not to make eye-contact….

“Yes Mum, it is really good….tastes like I have just brushed my teeth!”

Don’t think I didn’t hear the rest of them sniggering….


12 responses to “She strikes again

  1. She’s funny …like you.
    I’m savagely jelous of your green thumb, and garden 😀

    • I would be stretching the truth to say that I have anything like a Green Thumb – Basically I pull out anything I don’t recognise – and leave the heavy lifting to Mr Dear Husband….

  2. Hmmm, maybe for tea?

    • Yes, my neighbour said that she makes tea from the Lemon Melisse… but mint tea is good too… and always with lamb! And my salad certainly did not taste like toothpaste!

  3. no gratitude these days is there? you should have added the pansies too – beats zucchini flowers every time – would have given them something to snigger about …
    Lemon Melisse – I’m not familiar with that, but wiki says it can be used as a flavouring in/with ice cream. hhmmm.

    • Don’t think I didn’t consider the pansies too! But I am never sure if they are all edible and it would look suspicious should the Mother Outlaw croak it the day I cook! – Lemon Melisse – or Melissa – or Lemon Balm… used a lot in cough lollies here…

  4. im totally envious of your garden right now….my garden is just starting to break thru the soil for the most part…and the grape hyacinths i do have blooming have been eaten by the deer 😦 doh!
    i would love to see more photos of your “surprise” garden though…

  5. Very great read! Really.

  6. You flowers are so beautiful! I wish I could just run out into my garden and make a toothpaste salad 🙂

  7. Incredibly great read. Honestly..

  8. I love bulbs! Our new place came with an established garden and it was fun to watch what popped out of the ground this spring 🙂 I’ve got mint growing in the garden too, and I also buy it by the bag at the produce stand… I get the “Is mint supposed to be in ….?” a lot these days…. but they eat, so I can’t be over-doing it too much!

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