Australia V’s Germany

There is a good chance that only one house in the whole of this one horse town is waving this flag today, among a sea of black, red, gold:


It is great to be the rebel!

Go Aussies….Oi Oi Oi!!!!

Life will continue to revolve completely and utterly around the World Cup for the next 4 weeks…. Mr Dear Husband has been known to spend the entire World Cup camped out on the sofa, and when we lived on the other side of the world – he spend the nights kipping during half time and then dragging himself to work in the morning.

I suspect that for the next 4 weeks, all birthdays/weddings/celebrations of any kind that can not accommodate a LARGE flat screen TV… are not going to well attended.

….I wonder if this could be one of the lowest periods on record for the conception of new babes…

I have now learnt – either join in, or find something else to do – alone.


13 responses to “Australia V’s Germany

  1. At least Nelson and I always agreed on sport on TV in our house – none thanks. He recently had a serious altercation with his (now ex) room-mate over the other guy constantly watching sport on his TV in the room. I have to say that would also drive me mad.

    • Can’t say I care too much about football – but the World Cup is something else – and quite fun to watch. We watched Sat nights game in the lobby of the hotel we were staying at, with a nice bottle of wine – excellent!

  2. HI!

    So nice to hear from you again.

    Go AUSSIE!

    How are you doing overall?

    • I am doing well – the winter blues have passed and I have been working a lot… so not so much time to write… poor neglected blog!

  3. Oh my! Didn’t last night just suck??

    And it wasn’t even JUST the game… but also the walk home through the centre of Düsseldorf being THE ONLY ONE dressed in green & gold. sigh.

    My only highlight yesterday was a text I received at about 9.30 reading:
    “seems like Germany are gonna win @ all the girl-games – handball, soccer, Eurovision…”

    • The whole game made me cringe – I will even admit to pulling the Aussie flag from the upstairs window early this morning because I couldn’t deal with the caning I would get from all the high school students that walk past! – Had to laugh at the ‘girl games’ though… Ha ha ha ….

  4. Um, yeah. Saw the game. so… how’re ya’ doin? Need anything? Box of tissues? Paper bag of shame? Ooh! Did you catch EVERY SINGLE news cast since then? bwahahahahahahah! Nite-nite socceroos!

  5. oh dear…………..backed the wrong horse this time; will they get past the preliminaries………..that is a seriously dubious proposition methinks.

    didn’t watch……0400hrs start here. But did enjoy South Korea smacking Greece around though. Listen to the audio file on my blog………..worth a listen.

  6. National loyalty can be a bit tricky. Being Swedish, and they did not qualify for once, I have to cheer for the Danes instead. Then of course I am also a British citizen, so I am totally behind the English team. Since I live in Germany and have Borussia M-gladbach’s home ground just around the corner I have a third team on my hands to support. To make it worse, we live very close to the Netherlands where my optician is, so …. surely one of these teams must win it?

  7. My sympathies… my dear husband was half hour late picking me up from hospital on Saturday morning because Greece was playing (they lost), sigh… I waited patiently, couldn’t do much else actually.

  8. Swenglishexpat
    Here, we would call that having a bit each way; and at least you don’t have to admit to being Aussie. Perhaps we (like just about every other aussie soccer follower in SA), can blame the Dutch coach …
    Ouch, it hurts, even from this distance …
    Hide the flag until next World Cup, I fear for your safety!!!

  9. We watched the game at the Hirschgarten in Munich ( a beer garden, what else?), and it was painful. Would have preferred a different outcome.

  10. Australia can feel a bit ok since a 4-0 score was what Germany beat Argentina……….

    Would today be a good day to revive the Aussie flag after Spain beat Germany???

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