Crazy in Paradise

So, apparently, I am currently enjoying 10 uninterrupted days of bliss in paradise….only I am constantly distracted by the screaming voice in my head. The one that is chanting at an exceedingly higher pitch something along the lines of ‘Get me the hell outta here!!!!’

The universe would appear to have conspired to send me to the original set the US Government used to stage the 60’s moon landing… in fact, I am pretty sure it was Neil Armstrong that elbowed me out of the way this morning, in order to snaffle up that last breakfast sausage. Only he was German….

I am surrounded by about 400 Germans enjoying their annual ‘roast until golden brown, while drinking body weight in all-inclusive beer’. And they brought their children with them…. lots and lots of children, all of whom have had their volume switch turned up to ‘annoy the crappers screech’. Three times a day, everyone congregates to eat at the holy trough of St All-you-can-eat-Buffet. Jostling for one of the prized outside tables, punctuated by another round of beer.

I am not ungrateful for the free ride… the weather has turned cool back home and Miss Eight has spent so long in the pool the past three days I swear I saw the outline of a developing gill when I was washing her hair last night. Mr Dear Husband just happens to be down here for a month… it was he that suggested I hop a freighter (ok so it was a budget airline) and come ‘hang out’ for a while. School goes back at the end of the month… back to 6am starts in the dark and cold soon.

But here is the kicker… in over 25 years of being an avid traveller (let’s be real, I like it so much that I just keep moving on), I have never once booked a ’10 Day, all-inclusive, lie by the pool do nothing’. And whats more, I never wanted to. My poor kids have been dragged around rotting ruins and dusty museums.. they have eaten on the streets and not been sure if I was kidding when I said we might end up sleeping at the bus station because I couldn’t find the way to ‘that little pension I read about on some blog 2 years ago’. But here I am.

I feel a bit of a dip sitting under the shade of a palm tree tapping away on my netbook… and am obviously the topic of some discussion among the ‘bronze brown’ community…. when I broke out the internet access (thanks Mr Dear Husband) there was a definite twittering to be heard.

Rest assured… there is a silver lining. I brought along enough books to read to sink a battleship and I am ripping through them like there is no tomorrow… oh to have nothing to do but read…

Now… where is that barman gone… it must be ‘Beer O’Clock’

Love LuLu

PS Not sure how this is going to turn out – I am typing straight into WordPress and take no responsibility for the million errors… or maybe that was just all the beer. 😉


8 responses to “Crazy in Paradise

  1. Yes, that roasting in the sun must be fun! Here I am getting ready to join the country of early school hours, brrr so not looking forward to the stumbling in the dark and cold with Miss 9.

    Everytime I saw a tanning salon in Germany I would automatically shake my head. I will admit it loudly, I am proud of my pale skin that I cultivated with great expense, for many years under the aussie sun.

    Take care und viel Spass

    • Yes, this Aussie stands out like a sore thumb too… pale pale pale…. and my kid is the only one running around with a thick layer of Zink Cream slashed across her cute nose.

  2. When we were first engaged we went to an all-inclusive resort on Playa del Carmen in Mexico. Every day I forced Fred to escape with me so we could explore Mayan ruins, snorkle in the jungle or haggle in the local markets. If I stayed behind that bars, beautifully wrought though they may have been, I felt as if I were in jail.

    That was the last all-inclusive resort we went to. If I sat around doing nothing all day I’d go insane!

    • We managed to sneak out for a couple of hours yesterday and found the local beach… which is gorgeous… so there was a little relief from the routine of eat, sleep, swim, eat, sleep, s…..snore….LOL Mr Dear Husband keeps walking around laughing and shaking his head ‘this is a dream holiday for everyone else….’

  3. am achingly jealous and actively plotting vengeance.

    Bring me something! 😀

    • Would you like one of those lovely German men, complete with a tiny pair of too tight swim trunks and matching beer belly? (hehehe..sorry, forgot you already have your own german)

  4. LOL was just thinking that the larger the belly the smaller teh budgie smugglers would be, seems to be a very european thing.
    Miss 9 was the only kid with a c-suit when we were in europe last year lol.

  5. Looks heavenly.. too bad you have to share it with too many people… maybe they will all go home early? Probably not, but I can hope for you 😉 Enjoy the sun, watching your daughter swim, and your books!

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