Oh, Great Pumpkin…

Whoops… seem to have slipped off the horse.  The blogging horse.  Must have landed behind a bush, because it would seem I have also become a lurker.  Not really by choice, but by some odd twist of fate, sometimes I just can’t leave a comment because WordPress likes to tell me that MY blog, is not MY blog.  How does it know this?  Is this some sort of face recognition program that I am unaware of?  Does it recognise my distinctive tap-tap-tap of the keyboard?  Perhaps, WordPress is just passing judgement on my, more often than not, ludicrous observations about other people’s lives.

Here are a few other things that have happened recently:

Phone Rings…..

“Hello!  What time is it?” 

Every phone call from Australia starts this way.  I know they mean well, but seriously, if you don’t know by now that I am NOT  a morning person…..

“So, what is the lowdown with your blog?  When are you going to write some more?  I have nothing to snigger at over my morning coffee.”

Aren’t sisters the greatest!  And yes, it WAS me that convinced you to wear your hair like THAT to the year 10 formal dance… And yes, I have photo evidence.

And then….there were a few emails:

Dear Lulu’s Bay,

Are you dead?  If not, please proceed with new posts on your blog or I will have to remove you from my Google Reader.  You are gathering dust.


A once devoted lurker.

(Interesting how many non-bloggers think that you should function like the daily newspaper and become outraged if you lapse into a blogging coma.)

Truth be known… I don’t know what happened… I lost my groove.. something like that…

I shall leave you with a few visuals.  Considering the last time you heard from me it was high Summer and I was giving it up to prune fingers and toes from spending too much time in the pool… here are a couple of photos of my Herbst/Fall/Autumn endeavours.  Enjoy.

IMG_9189I figured that since it has been 6 months since Communion, it was time to change the door wreath…

IMG_9202 I saw this cute pot at the local nursery (baumschule), decided against paying their insane prices and made the whole things for 1.99 – How clever am I!


Forgive the 1973 brown tiles on my front porch… they are so far down the end of the list of things that need to be done, I am pretty sure they are going to come back around again and will be featured on the front page of Vogue Interiors any day now.


I don’t usually do ‘cutsey’ but … seriously.. what is NOT to love about Hedgehogs?


The ridiculous pleasure I get when I go for a walk and find tree that has dropped a bunch of chestnuts (or conkers)  – something about picking them up and filling my pockets just makes me happy.  Did you know, that if you take your collected chestnuts to the Haribo Factory they will exchange them for the same weight in sweets (gummibears)… apparently you have to wait in line for about 8 hours.. but Germans seem to like that kind of thing.


17 responses to “Oh, Great Pumpkin…

  1. Welcome back on saddle, I love the wreath and I’m sure the tiles will come in style again soon, like stirrup pants, just to stay in theme.
    However don’t mind about comments, we on blogger have some problems too.

  2. bout time, love it!! Miss you xxx

    P.S. Chick soup was to die for, thx again.

  3. I am writing this from blogger limbo, or some kind of temporary blogging coma… I get that real life (horror, gasp!) could actually take over from blogging – amazing though that may seem to those who appear to live vicariously through other people’s blogs.

    I must say some people have suspected that something horrible has happened to Nelson when I stop updating everyone on his recovery, but when I’m exhausted I can’t find my creativity for anything – not even cooking a nice dinner for myself.

    I wouldn’t swap chestnuts for gumibears – chestnuts are too nice!!

    • Oh no… these are not edible chestnuts… these are the kind that you can feed to deer. Mr Haribo has a deer farm somewhere and that is what he does with them.

  4. i love the wreath !! I know what you mean about blogging energy, sometimes its just gone. Don’t worry you blog isn’t collecting dust on my RSS feed haha

    • That is sweet.. thanks. I loved living in Asia, but I always missed Autumn… (and I am not such a great fan of the heat either)

  5. I love your decorating ideas!! You come up with the most beautiful pieces. Maybe one day I may give it more effort… when I don’t have young cats that will take everything apart and play with the fun bits…all over the house. I also am not much for cutesy, but I’d let that hedgehog in too!

    btw – welcome back, but no worries. Life is always more important than blog. Google reader was invented to handle this.

    • Have to admit – no cats in this house.. and one of the things I like the most about living here; 4 seasons.. which means I can dip into my ‘toybox’ and change it up… and since I am stingy mingy – everything needs to cost, well, nothing.

  6. Teasing………then stopping. A women thing I guess.

    A fine still life photo of the apples etc……however.

    Definitely know what you mean about seasons, or lack thereof in a european sense if living in the tropics. We did not even get a decent dry season this year, just stayed hot and sticky; now hotter and stickier!!

    Roni would agree with you on that issue…….every time.

    • I really, really don’t miss the heat… I even turned on the central heating today… and have pulled out all my scarves and coats in preparation for Winter and cooler days. I do love me the colours of autumn.

  7. Seriously? You can wait in an 8 hour queue and swap conkers for gummi bears??? Hell, I waited in a queue of 56 people for over 2.5 hours at the Burgeramt today just to get my parking permit replaced. And I thought that was the pinnacle of fun.

    Where do I line up?

    • Yes – The Haribo story is true. Owner of Haribo (Herr Riegel) is a hunter and has a deer park. During the Autumn school holidays in NRW he will exchange 5 kg of acorns or 10kg of Chestnuts for 1kg of Haribo sweets. All this happens at the factory in Bonn (so I am told) – we do know people that have taken part – not really my sort of thing.

  8. the world has resumed its normal pace – you’re back in the saddle. missed you but am surprised by how …(I’ll whisper it) German you are with your door wreath and seasonal decorations, at least you refuse to queue for freebies!

    • Oh don’t be like that! I think if you came to my house you would see that it is an eclectic mix of ALL the cultures I have lived among, including the German. And also – the front of my house is still so ugly, that I have to do something to cheer myself up each time I walk in and out or I am liable to go mad.

      I don’t get the crowd/queue gig with the Germans…. Perhaps it is because we Australian’s have a significantly larger ‘personal space’ aura than others due to our lower population/huge country ratio. And I am not that much of a sweet eater either…

  9. I don’t know what to say because I’m in a similar situation, irratic kind of blogging. Sometimes I have no time for blogging and I have started to feel less guilty about it. Is that a good thing I wonder?

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