Kate Bush ain’t got nothin’ me!

This is a good time of the year to be outdoors.  Not too hot, not too cold.  And lots of pretty things to look at.  At this time of the year my heart also turns to the kitchen.  The heavy cast iron pots come out to play.  The baking trays get a vigorous work-out.  And all those extra calories need to be displaced before they take up their winter lodgings on my bum.  So its off for a walk.  Want to come with me?  Best put on a jacket – it gets a touch cool striding over the moors…. Heathcliffffffffffffffffffffffff……


Some weird berries that probably have an exotic name – and seem scary, if only for the fact that as I child I might have been tempted to sample them.  This from the chick that pretty much lived off the nectar I could suck out of honeysuckle for a whole summer.


I like making a fuss of stopping and reading this sign that hangs on a fence.  It translates to: “If I catch you not removing your dog’s shit, I will take said property, and throw it in your mailbox”.  As I don’t have a dog, I enjoy seeing the curtains twitch when I loiter too long in front of his fence.


Brave me….takes the shortcut through the cemetery.  Not that there is anything at all scary about this place – more like a well ordered botanical garden.  Sometimes I think it is tidier than my living room.


Just past the cemetery we find the Schrebergartengarden plots that turn into second homes in the summer.  Each allotment is fine tuned to meet all the requirements of its owner.  I can see the benefits of having a bit of land to call your own, in a country where so many people live in apartments…but as I have a personal aversion to ‘caravan park style living’ – not sure it is for me.


I tootle over the Autobahn toward the river and the more rural area.  At this time of year, even the Autobahn looks pretty.  Miss Nine (on the odd occasion I can convince her to come walk with me) likes to stand here and wave at the cars.  Contrary to reports of Germans being less than friendly…. they ALWAYS wave back!


About now you will need to pull out those earmuffs and turn up your collar.  There is an evil, ice-cold polar wind that ravages your fingers and nose, and it starts here.  This long farming road toward the river Sieg should come with a warning sign.


This little garden/orchard on the right is tended by a 90 year old woman… she does most of the work herself – except for the time I saw her 70 year old son giving her a hand. 


Gnarly ol’ tree.. I would like a little orchard at the bottom of my garden.


This was the original Bauernhof (farmhouse) for this whole area.  It is now owned and operated as the Annex for Organic Agriculture, Bonn University.  I remember when the property went up for auction… I would have liked to have seen out my days here.  Less the potato crops and the freezing wind from the river, of course.


At the end of the Ice (Truckers) Road… hang a right and walk along the floodbank.  The wind melts away and you can let your ears out to breath.  Mysteriously, on my last walk, I found a perfectly good pair of jeans hanging from a post… and for a second I considered taking them home and giving them a wash.  Then I spent the next few minutes wondering how on earth someone could get home without their pants!


Oohhh those clouds started to look a little ominous.  In fact, I have seen the weather change so quickly when walking here that I try to have all seasons covered…even a bikini!


Heading back into town now.  This is a pretty house, currently houses a dentist suite.


Does it get much cuter?  Part of the old stables, previously attached to one of the grander homes.  Now they are little mews apartments.


Those clouds are coming at us, time to scurry!


This picture has not been photoshopped.  Over my shoulder was a sparkling blue sky, but across the street, behind the Rathaus (Townhall) it was black as black gets.  Might need to hole up in a Kneipe (Pub) and drink a Kölsch.


This is the view from my bedroom window today…. It casts the most wonderful golden light over the house.  Did you enjoy your walk?  Feel refreshed?  Thought so. 



**I did this walk with my sister last Christmas and am not sure she will ever forgive me.  Two hours at –4 degrees  = Not Happy.


9 responses to “Kate Bush ain’t got nothin’ me!

  1. I loved this. I think I will copy your idea in December when I return from the states. It is very interesting,in a voyeuristic way, to take a walk with you and see the places near your home. Great photos! But I must say, that blackened sky would have me RUNNING towards home. I really enjoyed this posting!

    • Hi Christi – thanks for your kind words.. and YES…. take me on a walk in your part of the world. I did this once before in Cairo and it was really fun (although very different to this post) – looking forward to it!

  2. Beautiful pictures, and houses are so cute, between I absolutely agree with the sign, great idea!

    • Hi Al! I was just thinking about you today – I took a delivery for my neighbour and it turned out to be their Xmas order of Chocolates from Germany’s top chocolate maker. As a thank you for accepting his deliveries (which I do all the time…) he gave me some samples that came with his orders. They were good.. but not as good as that delicious Italian olive oil chocolate! That has spoilt me for life.

  3. Loved the walk and the scenery……..my other half enjoys the cold weather, and the four seasons seen in Europe and other temperate areas much more than the tropics.

    HOWEVER……..nothing like a mass of tumultous multi-hued thunderheads in the sky and their rumblings before a tropical downpour, whether in Thailand, Africa or tropical Australia.

    Great photos, especially the black sky, and houses [very traditional appearance], definitely not seen in tropical Australia.

  4. Well sis, I do forgive you this time and wish I was with you now to see all the stunning colours. But in hindsight, I would do it all again. xxx

  5. Thanks for the walk and the Kölsch. Those exotic berries had a fantastic colour!

  6. What a great idea! I might have to copy that some time in the future! Thoroughly enjoyed that wander, especially as I didn’t have to brave the outdoors.

  7. thanks for the adventure…you really live in a beautiful part of the world! perhaps ill take my camera on my next walk 🙂

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